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Recent Apple Changes
For years we were able to publish our customers' apps into our Apple Developer Account. However, in April 2018, Apple began requiring that we publish new apps and all app updates into Apple Developer Accounts owned by the organization that owns the app. Below are the steps you can take to setup your organization Apple Developer Account.



Step 0 - Quick Possible Solution
Before going through the below, you may want to check with your Diocese or larger church or organizational network to see if they already have a Developer Account. If they do, you can skip to step 7.



Apple ID and Apple Developer Account

Apple ID:
Identifies you as you. Think if it like your driver's license or ID card. 

Apple Developer Account: Will be setup in the name of your organization. The name of the Apple Developer Account is what appears in the app store as the developer of the app.


The Developer Account is setup in the name of the organization. The Apple ID is just your personal login to the Developer Account. The Apple ID will be the administrator on the Developer Account. The Administrator can change down the road if necessary. Your Apple ID will not be connected to the app itself.


Imagine you are tasked with setting up a bank account for your organization. You enter the bank and tell them what you'd like to do. The bank will ask to see your identification card in order to verify who you are. Once your identify is established the bank might ask for some proof to see that you work for the organization. Then, the bank will ask for proof that your organization actually exists such as business cards, a website, incorporation papers, etc.  Then, you will create the bank account. The bank account will have the organization name on it. The checks will have the organization name on it. But, you may be listed on the account as an administrator of the account. If you retire, you will visit the bank and list someone else as the administrator. You are not tied to the bank account forever, but you did have to prove your personal identity in order to create the account. This is very good because you don't want someone not related to the organization to be able to setup bank accounts in your organization name.

Likewise, Apple asks for your Apple ID and proof of your relationship to the organization as a security for your organization. You do not want strangers in all parts of the world to be able to publish apps in the name of your organization. Your Apple ID will not be connected to the Apple Developer Account forever. Your apple ID is not connected to the app itself at all.


Step 1 of 9 - Create an Apple ID (only if you don't have one)


If you already have an Apple ID, please skip this step.

It will be best to use your existing Apple ID if you already have one. The Apple ID works best if it is in your name and your personal Apple ID. The Apple ID is only your "login" to the Apple Developer Program.

Your Apple ID name will not be used as the Developer Name for the app. It will be easier in the below process if the Apple ID is your personal Apple ID and not another Apple ID made up for your organization. If you do not have an Apple ID, you can create one here:!&page=create

If you already have an Apple ID, please use that Apple ID as you work through the below steps.


Step 2 of 9 - Setup Two Factor Authentication 

  • If You have an Apple Device (You May Already Have This On)
    If you have an Apple Device, you will need to setup Two Factor Authentication on your device before you can enroll in the Apple Developer Program. It is possible that you have already done this. Here is a guide on setting up Two Factor Authentication:
  • If You don't have an Apple Device
    If you do not have an Apple Device, you can request to enroll without two factor authentication. Here is a video showing you what to do:


Step 3 of 9 - Verify your DUNS account or create one if you don't have one.
You will need a DUNS (Duns & Bradstreet) number for your organization and may have to do some things to create or update your DUNS account so that Apple can verify your organization and your non profit status. Here is info on your DUNS account: You can also use this special email address to reach out to Duns and Bradstreet about your Apple Developer Account:


Step 4 of 9 - Enroll in Apple Developer Program (As an Organization)
Use the above link to begin enrolling in the Apple Developer Account.
You will first verify your personal information.

A lot of people have trouble with this step. If you get stuck, please see the most common solutions below.

You must enroll as an organization and not as an individual. 
If you are a non-profit, choose "non-profit".

Enter your organization name exactly as it appears in your DUNS listing. You can just copy/paste the name from the email you likely received from DUNS verifying your DUNS number.
If you run into difficulties on this step, please see the below likely solutions.


Trouble with Apple Developer Enrollment?

Solution 1:
If Apple says your Duns and Bradstreet organization is not a legal entity or if for any reason Apple does not accept your Duns and Bradstreet number, first try making sure you have entered your organization name exactly as it appears in your DUNS listing. Sometimes the DUNS name is a bit different than what you normally call your organization. Apple will only let you proceed if you use the exact name as it appears on DUNS. 


Solution 2:
If you still run into trouble after step 1, please use this special link to reach out to Duns & Bradstreet. They will know how to make adjustments to your profile so that Apple can proceed with your program. Here is that special link for Duns & Bradstreet:


Solution 3:
If after doing Step 2, you still have trouble, use the Support link on the Apple Developer Account website to email, chat, or talk with Apple about the problem. Between Apple and DUNS & Bradstreet, you should be able to get the enrollment to work. Apple uses an automated check of your DUNS & Bradstreet number and sometimes you have to make a few specific tweaks to your Duns & Bradsteet number in order to make the Apple check work.

Step 5 of 9 - Fee Waiver for Non Profits
During the above Enrollment you can check a box to request that you receive a fee waiver if you are a non-profit.

Step 6 of 9 - Verify that you have enrolled in the Apple Developer Program
You should get an email from Apple welcoming you to the Apple Developer Program.
You can also verify that you have fully joined the program by logging in at This video will show you how you can tell if you have properly joined the Apple Developer program:


Step 7 of 9 - Add Us as an admin in App Store Connect
When you are officially enrolled in the Apple Developer Program, you will be able to login at This is the place where we will be uploading your app so that it can be reviewed and placed in the app store. In order for us to upload the app, we need admin access to this account. Login at the above link and click on "Users and Access". Then click the blue plus sign icon to add a user. Then, please add Michael Tigue, with admin privileges. If you cannot log into App Store Connect, then you have not completed the Apple Developer Account enrollment. You may need to go back to Step 4.
Here is a video showing how to add us as an admin to your App Store Connect Account:


Step 8 of 9 - Let us Know you did the above
Send us an email to let us know you have completed enrollment in the Apple Developer Program and that you have invited us as an admin to App Store Connect.

Step 9 of 9 - We will upload your app for you.


All Clear for Android
The good news is that we can still put your app into our Google Play (Android) developer account. Therefore, you don't have to worry about anything with Android.



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