Form Logic - Multiple Pages, Show/Hide, Save for Later

Our Stand Alone Form Builder is capable of creating multiple page forms, showing and hiding fields, and being saved for later.  If you do not have our stand alone Form Builder, please inquire about adding it to your package. The below tutorial consists of two videos.

Video 1 - Skipping Pages
Multiple page forms can often be streamlined or simplified for the user by allowing the user to skip pages or by hiding certain fields that don't apply to the user. Using Form "Logic" is how you as the admin can set up the skip page and show/hide rules. The below videos uses a simple demo form to show how to use these features.  Here is the video:

Save for Later
Long forms might also be difficult to finish in one setting. Fortunately there is a "Save for Later" button which is shown toward the end of the above video.


Video 2 - Show/Hide Fields
This video shows two methods for showing/hiding fields:



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