Error When Submitting a Form

Sometimes you might see an error when submitting a form. Here are some likely causes. 

HTML coding errors
You can customize the way text appears on the Forms by adding HTML code into the label and description fields. If you have an error in your HTML code, the form will often not submit. A very common error is the failure to close a tag. For example, the <strong> tag is used to make something bold. The opening tag looks like this <strong>.  The closing tag looks like this </strong>.  So, a properly coded example might look like this.  Please stop by our <strong>ticket booth</strong> on Sunday.  If you forget to include the closing </strong> tag, the form will often not submit. If you fail to include the closing tag for other HTML tags such as the <u>, <i>, or <b> tags, the form will also not submit. So, a good first step is to check all of your custom coding for closing tags. You should also look for anything that doesn't look quite right with your custom HTML.

No Recipient for Notifications
You can set the form to send notifications (emails) to yourself and to the person filling out the form. When you want to send the notification to someone filling out the form, you have to choose the email field which will capture the user's email address. Sometimes you might set this up properly but then later remove the email field from the form. Then, when the form is submitted, the form looks for that email field, can't find it, and generates an error. So, double check your notification settings to make sure they look right and correspond to actual email fields in the form itself.

Here is what you will find if you have this error: missing-email-field-form-builder.png

Payment Errors
If you have payments turned on, make sure the payment fields are connected properly in the payment settings. Again, make sure your payment settings are corresponding to actual fields on the form.  Sometimes you might have incorrect Secret Keys from Stripe or from your payment gateway. Often there is a typo or missing character when copy/pasting these secret keys. We've also seen the two keys from stripe flip flopped so that while they are the proper keys, they are in the wrong fields. Double check you have the right keys from Stripe. If you have a working payment form, compare the keys in the working form to the keys in the non working form.

Form Logic
Also make sure all of your form logic is corresponding to existing form fields. If you remove fields that were part of the form logic, an error could occur.

More Help 
If you've checked all of the above areas and you are still receiving an error, please feel free to contact us.

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